Duke Energy in Cincinnati, OH
Duke Energy in Cincinnati, OH

High Voltage Underground Transmission- Installation of 138kV High Pressure Fluid Filled cable 3 phase splice for Duke Energy in Cincinnati, OH.

A new bridge is being built to span the Ohio River which requires the relocation of one of Duke Energy’s substations. The substation relocation affects 2 circuits that also have to be partially relocated.

Elecnor Hawkeye successfully relocated one circuit in 2014, and will relocate the 2nd circuit in 2016.


  • PSEG- 7.5 Mile new HPFF Conductoring Project-Designed as 345kV. Installation, Splicing and terminating
  • Duke Energy Replacement of Thirty Six 69kV Terminations
  • Duke Energy 138kV HPFF Relocations-Pull Out Old Cable-Pull in New, Splice & Terminate
  • National Grid-Southwire-115kV XLPE
  • Caldwell Marine-Install XLPE 345kV