MPRP Section Southern Loop/ Southern Corridor
MPRP Section Southern Loop/ Southern Corridor

The Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) was a $1.4 Billion project undertaken by Central Maine Power/Iberdrola in 2010 to increase reliability and capacity to the 13 Maine counties in which CMP operates.

Hawkeye LLC and eventually Elecnor Hawkeye LLC participated in the project through construction and upgrading over 50 miles of transmission lines in the Southern Loop / Southern Corridor section of the project.

The work included 34.5kV transmission, 115kV transmission and 345kV transmission constructed of wood mono pole, wood H frame structures and steel mono and multiple pole structures.

The work for the Southern Loop was commenced in 2011 and Completed in the Fall of 2014.


  • Line 160 Iberdrola – 1.1 miles 115kV Line-Steel Lattice Rebuild, Reconductor
  • Line 119 Nstar – 4.3 miles 115kV Rebuild/Reconductor
  • Wakefield Taps NGrid- 1.1 miles 115kV Line- Steel Lattice Rebuild, Reconductor
  • Line 185A Iberdrola – 11 miles 69kV Line – New Construction, 345kV Phase Raiser work