New Dynamic Reactive Support System Substations
New Dynamic Reactive Support System Substations

Elecnor Hawkeye installed the first two utility SVC PLUS in the United States for Siemens.

Siemens was awarded the Project "DRSS Phase II" by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).

This second phase of the Dynamic Reactive Support System (DRSS) consists of two SVCs, located on Long Island, New York, USA, and serves the purpose of voltage stabilization and reactive support during summer peaks. Each SVC is rated -50 / +150 MVAr and is connected to 138kV.

These DRSS are capable of providing superior performance and offers LIPA an even higher operating range. Besides this, the very low electric losses as well as significant space savings compared to conventional technology were some of the benefits.


  • Iberdrola-Install New 115 kV station
  • PSEG-LI-Install 138 kV Ring Bus
  • RG&E-New 115kV Substation
  • CMP-Install Two Bay 115 kV-34 kV 
  • NYSEG-Construct/Commission Works of Existing Sub
  • Siemens-DRSS Project Install Steel Structures, MV Conductors, Aux. Equipment and Electrical Installations
  • Noble Environmental/NYPA-Construct 230 kV/34.5 kV Station, Including All Civil
  • Siemens-Converter Stations in NY/NJ for 660mw HVDC Cable